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Focusing on simple SMS application allows end users to adapt to the technology of SMS broadcast to suit their needs. Resulting in a win - win situation where both customers and companies are advantageous.

Tested successfully with various USB modems (Huawei, Wavecom and others)

Area of use:
Personal, Staff communication, Club, Retailers, Shops, Content Providers, Corporate, Couriers, Customer Relations Dept, Department Stores, Educational Institution, Event management, Marketing Dept, Newspapers / Magazines, Travel Agencies. 

  • Auto detection of mobile/modem COM Port on startup
  • User friendy interface
  • Shows modem information
  • Summary of all messages and cost
  • Inbox/Sentbox/Failbox/Draft with respective date/time
  • Backup / Restore
  • Adding / Editing / Deleting contacts
  • Adding / Editing / Deleting groups
  • Import contacts from Excel file (xls,xlsx)
  • Duplicate number notification
  • Group SMS
  • SMS length Limited to 160 characters including company signature
  • Send 12-13 SMS per minute (depending on network strength)
  • Operates under W7 /W8 /W10


MUR 7500 or USD 200 (software only). Please contact us for purchase.

Company name on each message is on trial version only. Once purchased, your company name will be there
Software trial version should be tested first before purchase.
.Net 2.0 framework should be installed prior to installation of the SMS Software  (applies for Win XP and below)